Manitoba Water Towers Manitoba Water Towers Beausejour - Green Bubble Water Tower Location - Aston Ave between 1st & 2nd St 197713988 Brandon Water Tower #1 GPS: 4950'34.6"N 9955'57.8"W Location - 417 Park St & Victoria Ave. Picture by R.C. Hill 204220058 Brandon - Water Tower #2 I have seen this water tower, and missed picture of it. Picture by R.C. Hill 204068286 Carman - Silver Bucket Water Tower GPS: 4930'20.5"N 9800'08.6"W Location - Veterans Way & 2nd Ave 197713989 Clearwater - Red Railway Tower GPS: 4907'57.1"N 9902'12.3"W Location - Boundary Tr. & 1st Ave, next to Railway tracks 198403800 Deloraine, MB - Silver Bubble Water GPS: 4911'14.9"N 10029'20.8"W Location - Renton Ave & Dujardin St 196951343 Flin Flon - Blue Water Tower(1) GPS: 5445'58.1"N 10151'52.2"W Location - Just off 3rd Ave on a hill 196951344 Flin Flon - Grey Bucket Water Tower(2) GPS: 5446'08.7"N 10151'18.0"W Location - Canning Dr. turn up hill one block on Cook St. 203940362 Kilarney - Green Bubble Water Tower GPS: 4910'21.3"N 9940'47.9"W Location - on top of a hill, Hwy #3 196951345 Manitou - Bucket Water Tower GPS: 4914'14.0"N 9832'08.5"W Location - Mary St & Souris Ave 197376409 Melita - Silver Bucket Water Tower GPS: 4916'23.7"N 10059'40.3"W Location - Main St & Byre St 196951346 Portage La Prairie - Coke Can, Largest GPS: 4958'17.7"N 9819'51.5"W Location - on North side of Hwy #16A, across from the mall. (This is the first roadside attraction I took a picture of in July 1998.) 187801133 Russell - Blue Water Tower GPS: 5008'40.0"N 9652'39.3"W Location - MacDonald Ave & Westborne St 196951347 Selkirk - Blue & White Bubble Water Tower GPS: 5008'40.0"N 9652'39.3"W Location - Christy Ave & Jenna St 200237878 Stienback - White Bubble Water Tower GPS: 4931'05.0"N 9640'12.5"W Location -Hwy becomes Main St. & McKenzie Ave becomes Hespeler St 199347567 Virden - Silver Bucket Water Tower GPS: 4950'53.9"N 10056'00.2"W Location - Wellington St, between 8th & 9th Ave 198749282 Warren - Red Railway Water Tower GPS: 5007'55.5"N 9732'49.3"W Location - near Railway tracks 198403820 Winkler - Silver Bucket Water Tower GPS: 4911'14.0"N 9756'41.1"W Location - Hwy 14 to Park St to Harmony Lane, across from swimming pool 199124034 Winnipeg - Union Silver Water Tower GPS: 5029'45.1"N 9657'43.4"W (Approx.) Location - Mario St just past the intersection with Archibald St. 199632861 Winnipeg Beach - Black Water tower GPS: 5029'44.2"N 9657'42.1"W (Approx.) Location - near Lake Winnipeg end of Murray St. 205193290 Snow Lake - Silver Water Tower GPS: 5453'02.9"N 10001'21.8"W Location - North end of Cedar Ave 205326877