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Pictures of roadside objects and water towers from Western Canada, and Quebec


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Posted on May 22, 2017 at 4:10 PM

More Roadside Attractions - 

Added to British Columiba - North Vancouver - Trumpet; Vancouver - Totem Pole (2 of 10 at Anthropology Museum) -  picture Oct 2016

Added to Alberta North - Throchild - Sun Flower - picture June 2014

Added to Alberta South - Drumheller - Triceratops (Red & Yellow)  - picture Sept 2016

Added to Alberta Cities - St. Albert - Buffalo Head - picture June 2014

Added to Saskatchewan Cities  Defunct Melivile - Cowboy, Horse & Grave. Picture by James S. Edgar (2 more will added in the future)

Added to Saskatchewan Big Three - Saskatoon - Pelican  (A 2nd was added in new location  before orginial one had its head cut off din fall on 2016) - picture Nov 2016

Added to Saskatchewan North - Candle Lake - Plane on a Pedistal - picture June 2016

Added to Manitoba Cities - Thompson - Wolves - #9 Jack of Fire - picture June 2016

Added to Manitoba Water Tower #2 - I have seen this water tower, but miss the picture in 2011.  I decided to included it since I don't when the next time be in Brandon. Picture by R.C. Hill. from

Collage added for the City of Melfort, Sask defunct - Semi-Truck - one picture with the semi- truck, one without the semi-truck

10 new pictures for a total 1,271 pictures

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