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New Gallery - British Columbia Cities added

Posted on March 11, 2017 at 11:50 AM

New Photo Gallery - British Columbia Cities

12 new pictures also added

Added to British Columbia Cities - North Vancovuer - Wired Horse (from October 20016)

Added to British Columbia - Brinitanna Beach - (from October 2016)

Added to Alberta Cities - St. Albert - Father Lacombe Statue (from August 2010) -  I forgot to add.

Added to Alberta North - Forestbrug - Marion 360 Stripping Shovels #2, Valleyview - UFA Worker (both from June 2014)

Added to Alberta South - Defunt - Drumheller - Ankylosaurus - picture by Kendra Carey

Added to Saskatchewan Cities BigThree - Saskatoon - Seniors {from May 2106}

Added to Saskatchewan Cities Cities - Melville - Plumber {from May 2008} - was readded.  I mistakely deleted it from the web page

Added to Saskatchewan South - Grayson Giant G (from August 2015)

Added to Manitoba Cities - Thompson - Wolf #18 (from June 2016)

Added to Manitoba North - Poplarfield - Eagle (from July 2013)

Collage of all both Biggar - Spider Trucks - added to Saskatchewan Cities (from July 2014)

Calmar - Skidoo I had wrong location it is not south of Calmar, but east of.  It  is located at Centre Point Performance on Hwy #39.  Since it has a Leduc address it is now listed in Alberta Cities.  Even though it located closer to Calmar then Leduc.

Castle House location is at Wakomoa Lake. So it no longers listed as Cylde, but Wakomoa Lake.

Defunct -Castor Beaver is now listed as defunct since it has not been up for several years. More Alberta Roadside Objects will be moved to defunt next month as I try and get all the Alberta GPS Locations

Total number of pictures on the web page = 1,251

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