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Pictures of roadside objects and water towers from Western Canada, and Quebec


October 2016 pictures

Posted on October 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM

October 15, 2016

    Riverton - Moose - added to Manitoba North {picture taken July 2013}

    Thompson - Wolf #16 - added to Manitoba Cites (picture take June 2016). There are 37 Wolff statues and 4 other objects from Thompson. One or two will added each month.

    Collage added for Defunct - Edson Water Tower  - added to Alberta Water Tower -  {it was knocked down in April 22, 2015}

     Wildwood - Water Tower - added to Alberta Water Towers {picture taken June 2014}

     Whitecourt (near) - Hay Bail Lifter - added to Alberta North {picture taken June 2014}

     Britannia Beach - Truck, Vancouver - 8 Totem Poles, Whistler - Inuksuk - added to British Columbia {pictures taken October 2015}

     Shaunvon - Water Tower - added to Saskatchewan Water Towers {picture taken June 2015}

     Birch Hills - Wheat Stock, Carrot River -  Hydro Electric Power Generator - added to Saskatchewan North {both pictures taken September 2015}

     Melville - Kung Fu - added to Saskatchewan Cities {picture taken August 2015}

     Prince Albert - Plane Windmill - added to Saskatchewan Big Three {picture taken June 2016}. I have added all the pictures form Prince Albert.  More pictures of Saskatoon will be coming in January 2017.

13 new objects added to Web page.

There are now 1,191 on the this web page.

Wendy and I are going to Vancouver by train on Thursday.  I will have more Objects to add in the new Year.

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