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Pictures of roadside objects and water towers from Western Canada, and Quebec


September pictures

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 2:35 AM

September 3, 2016 New Pictures

Squamsih - Lumber Jack, Vancouver - Reclyced {pictures taken Oct 2016} - added to Biritish Columbia

Grand Prairie - Native Statue {pictures taken June 2014} - added to Alberta Cities

Calmore - Skidfoo in the Sky, Devon - Oil Derick 2, Dewberry - Tire Women {pictures taken June 2014} - added to Alberta North

Melville - Women & Child {Pictures taken May 2008 & Aug 2015} - 2015 picture added to Saskatchewan Cities.  Also added was collage of Moose Jaw - Moose Family.  This object is lnow in doors, so it listed under defunct.  Only current outdoor statues or objects are included as active.

Prince Albert - Rccket {picture taken April 2014} - added to Saskatchewan Big Three Cities.

Biggar - Spider Trucks {Picture taken July 2014} - picture of both are included since they are 0.7 km apart - added to Saskathcewan North

Coronach - Bull - {picture taken June 2015} - added to Saskatchewan South

Great Falls  - Hydro Electric Power Generator, McCreavy - Bear & Man {picture from July 2013} - added to Manitoba North

13 new objects added to Web page.  

There are now 1,178 on the this web page. 

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