Roadside Objects

Pictures of roadside objects and water towers from Western Canada, and Quebec


December 2016 New Pictures

Posted on December 21, 2016 at 9:30 PM

New Pictures added

Vancouver - Totem Pole, and Robert Burns Statue in Stanely Park - both added to British Columbia (pictures take October 2015).

Grand Prairie - Combine in the Sky - added to Alberta Cities (picture take June 2014)

Hay Lake - Hay Bale Lighters - added to Alberta North (picture taken June 2014) 

Drumheller - Allosaurus - added to Alberta South (picture taken October 2016) - More from Drumheller to be added eat month.

Martinsville - Runner (picture taken May 2016), Melville - Youth Group (taken July 2016) - both added to Saskachewan Cities

Dinsmore - Waving Farme (Near) & Briercest - Bob the Man (near) (both pictures taken June 2015) - added to Saskatchewan South 

Thompson - Wolves - #30 - Aural Dancing with Wolves - added to Manitoba Cities(picture taken June 2016). 

Drumheller - Sloth is now listed as defunct.  It was removed to replaced new Dinosaur Miner. (to be added at a later date)

Also added to Saskatchewan North - Collage - Englfied - Pig (all 3 locations)

Total of 1,214 picture of Roadside Objects

Comming soon GSP address of Roadside Objects

Next month more Saskatoon pictures

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