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Pictures of roadside objects and water towers from Western Canada, and Quebec


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New Gallery - British Columbia Cities added

Posted on March 11, 2017 at 11:50 AM

New Photo Gallery - British Columbia Cities

12 new pictures also added

Added to British Columbia Cities - North Vancovuer - Wired Horse (from October 20016)

Added to British Columbia - Brinitanna Beach - (from October 2016)

Added to Alberta Cities - St. Albert - Father Lacombe Statue (from August 2010) -  I forgot to add.

Added to Alberta North - Forestbrug - Marion 360 Stripping Shovels #2, Valleyview - UFA Worker (both from June 2014)

Added to Alberta South - Defunt - Drumheller - Ankylosaurus - picture by Kendra Carey

Added to Saskatchewan Cities BigThree - Saskatoon - Seniors {from May 2106}

Added to Saskatchewan Cities Cities - Melville - Plumber {from May 2008} - was readded.  I mistakely deleted it from the web page

Added to Saskatchewan South - Grayson Giant G (from August 2015)

Added to Manitoba Cities - Thompson - Wolf #18 (from June 2016)

Added to Manitoba North - Poplarfield - Eagle (from July 2013)

Collage of all both Biggar - Spider Trucks - added to Saskatchewan Cities (from July 2014)

Calmar - Skidoo I had wrong location it is not south of Calmar, but east of.  It  is located at Centre Point Performance on Hwy #39.  Since it has a Leduc address it is now listed in Alberta Cities.  Even though it located closer to Calmar then Leduc.

Castle House location is at Wakomoa Lake. So it no longers listed as Cylde, but Wakomoa Lake.

Defunct -Castor Beaver is now listed as defunct since it has not been up for several years. More Alberta Roadside Objects will be moved to defunt next month as I try and get all the Alberta GPS Locations

Total number of pictures on the web page = 1,251

Posted on February 25, 2017 at 12:30 PM

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More GPS Locations added

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 7:10 PM

February 14,  2017

GSP Adress added for all Saskatchewan Roadside Objects.  The other 3 western provinices to follow in next couple of months.

Saskatoon - Pelican(1) was removed the fall fo 2016 after it's head to cut off. - It is now defunct.

Regina - Glockenspiel (Bells), Regina - White Bison,  Mortach - Fiddle, Leader - Past & Future – Man & Child Are not longer up of GSP so they now listed as defunct.

Address of several objects have been updated and corrected.

More Pictures

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 10:20 PM

February 4, 2016

GPS address added for all Saskatchewan Cities Gallery, along with more from Alberta and British Columbia.

Squamish - Totem Pole #1 - gas Station & Whistler - Totem Pole (Pictures taken Sept 2015) - added to Britush Colunbia

Forestburg (near) - Coal Digger, Jasper National Park - Totem Pole Single, & Wabamun - Dragon Fly  (Pictures taken June 2014)               - added to Alberta North

Stony Plain - Totem Pole (Picture taken June 2014) - added to Alberta North

Melville - Inukshuk (Picture taken Aug 2015) - added to Saskatchewan Cities

Saskatoon - Huskie (Picture taken June 2016) - added to Saskatchewan Big 3

Togo - Case Eagle on a Globe (Picture taken July 2016) - added to Saskatchewan South

Semans - Water Tower (Picture taken Aug 2015) - added to Saskatchewan Water Towers

Thompson - Wolf - #2 Mining Wolf (Picture taken June 2016) - added to Manitoba Cities

Defunct - Drumheller - Dinosuar in a Tux College (Seen in May 2013, no picture, now damaged) - picture added thanks to Bob Brown

Ponaka & Rimbley were moved from Alberta South to Alberta North to make more room for all of Drumheller - Dinosaurs to be added in the future.

Saskatoon - The Buskers Musicians Statue - list as defunct as it 2015.

12 new pictures added.  There are now 1,239 picture on

More GPS Locations added

Posted on January 15, 2017 at 10:15 AM

January 15, 2016

GPS locations added for many more objects and all water towers in Saskatchewan.

North Vancouver - Trumpet, Premberton - Inkusuk, & Vancouver - Bird Wrap  (Pictures taken Oct 2016) - added to British Columbia

St. Albert - Clock Tower  (Picture taken June 2014) - added  to Alberta Cities

Drumheller - Pachyrhinosaurus (Picture taken Sept 2016) - added to Alberta South

Innisfree - Penguin, & St. Paul's - Alien (Pictures taken June 2014) - added to Alberta North

Melville - RCMP (Picture taken Aug 2015) - added to Saskatchewan Cities

Saskatoon - T-Rex (Picture Taken May 2016) - added to Saskatchewan Big 3

Okemasis/Beardys First Nation -RCMP (Female Picture taken July 2015) - added to Saskatchewan North

Mossbank - Golfing, & Saskatchewan Landing - Cart (Pictures taken June 2015) - added to Saskatchewan South

Estevan - Water Tower (Picture taken July 2013) - finally added to Saskatchewan Water Towers

Flin Flon - Mini Train, & Thompson Wolf #25 Jazz Society (Pictures taken June 2016) - added to Manitoba Cities 

Defunct - Collage added Love - Tin Man (picture thanks to Jim Reid) - added to Saskatchewan North

Humboldt - John Dienfenbaker Stamp,  Oxbow - Canada Flag Rocks, Stranrer - Moose, Turtleford - Bears, have been added to defunct list as they are no longer up.

16 new pictures added to this web page.

New GSP Address

Posted on January 2, 2017 at 9:55 PM

January 2, 2017

Several of the Saskatchewan Objects have had their GPS locations included.  It will take several months to complete all Roadside Objects. 

Cornach Bull is actually south of Williow Bunch.  So ii was been corrected.

Dosland - 2 Oil Pump Jack and Cudworth - Canada Geese are now listed as defunct as they are no longer up.

It took over 10 hrs to find the locations of  just 59 objects

December 2016 New Pictures

Posted on December 21, 2016 at 9:30 PM

New Pictures added

Vancouver - Totem Pole, and Robert Burns Statue in Stanely Park - both added to British Columbia (pictures take October 2015).

Grand Prairie - Combine in the Sky - added to Alberta Cities (picture take June 2014)

Hay Lake - Hay Bale Lighters - added to Alberta North (picture taken June 2014) 

Drumheller - Allosaurus - added to Alberta South (picture taken October 2016) - More from Drumheller to be added eat month.

Martinsville - Runner (picture taken May 2016), Melville - Youth Group (taken July 2016) - both added to Saskachewan Cities

Dinsmore - Waving Farme (Near) & Briercest - Bob the Man (near) (both pictures taken June 2015) - added to Saskatchewan South 

Thompson - Wolves - #30 - Aural Dancing with Wolves - added to Manitoba Cities(picture taken June 2016). 

Drumheller - Sloth is now listed as defunct.  It was removed to replaced new Dinosaur Miner. (to be added at a later date)

Also added to Saskatchewan North - Collage - Englfied - Pig (all 3 locations)

Total of 1,214 picture of Roadside Objects

Comming soon GSP address of Roadside Objects

Next month more Saskatoon pictures

November 2016 pictures - Now over 1,200 pictures

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 4:20 PM

November 27, 2016 - 13 Objects added

Vancouver - Killer Whale (picture taken Oct 1, 2016) - added to British Columbia

Whistler - Olympic Torch (picture taken Sept 30, 2016) - added to British Columbia

Grand Prairie - People (picture taken June 2014) - added to Alberta Cities

Dewberry - Tire Man & Smokey Lake - Combine Parade (pictures taken June 2014)

- added to Alberta North

New Norway - Water Tower (picture taken June 2014) - added to Alberta Water Towers

Martinsville - Cactus (picture taken January 2016),

Melfort - Skidoo in the Sky (picture taken June 2016),

Melville (near) - Wagon & Cactus (picture taken August 2015) - all 3 added to Saskatchewan Cities.

Coronach (near) - Metal Man - added to Saskatchewan South - (picture taken June 2015)

Ituna - Water Tower - added to Saskatchewan Water Tower (picture taken August 2015)

Flin Flon - Neighbour Hood Greeters (picture taken August 2014),

Thompson - Wolves - #6 Carrying Wolf (picture taken June 2016) – both added to Manitoba Cities


Collage added of Maidstone - Canola picture (original & updated pictures included).

There is now a total 1204 pictures on this web page


October 2016 pictures

Posted on October 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM

October 15, 2016

    Riverton - Moose - added to Manitoba North {picture taken July 2013}

    Thompson - Wolf #16 - added to Manitoba Cites (picture take June 2016). There are 37 Wolff statues and 4 other objects from Thompson. One or two will added each month.

    Collage added for Defunct - Edson Water Tower  - added to Alberta Water Tower -  {it was knocked down in April 22, 2015}

     Wildwood - Water Tower - added to Alberta Water Towers {picture taken June 2014}

     Whitecourt (near) - Hay Bail Lifter - added to Alberta North {picture taken June 2014}

     Britannia Beach - Truck, Vancouver - 8 Totem Poles, Whistler - Inuksuk - added to British Columbia {pictures taken October 2015}

     Shaunvon - Water Tower - added to Saskatchewan Water Towers {picture taken June 2015}

     Birch Hills - Wheat Stock, Carrot River -  Hydro Electric Power Generator - added to Saskatchewan North {both pictures taken September 2015}

     Melville - Kung Fu - added to Saskatchewan Cities {picture taken August 2015}

     Prince Albert - Plane Windmill - added to Saskatchewan Big Three {picture taken June 2016}. I have added all the pictures form Prince Albert.  More pictures of Saskatoon will be coming in January 2017.

13 new objects added to Web page.

There are now 1,191 on the this web page.

Wendy and I are going to Vancouver by train on Thursday.  I will have more Objects to add in the new Year.

September pictures

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 2:35 AM

September 3, 2016 New Pictures

Squamsih - Lumber Jack, Vancouver - Reclyced {pictures taken Oct 2016} - added to Biritish Columbia

Grand Prairie - Native Statue {pictures taken June 2014} - added to Alberta Cities

Calmore - Skidfoo in the Sky, Devon - Oil Derick 2, Dewberry - Tire Women {pictures taken June 2014} - added to Alberta North

Melville - Women & Child {Pictures taken May 2008 & Aug 2015} - 2015 picture added to Saskatchewan Cities.  Also added was collage of Moose Jaw - Moose Family.  This object is lnow in doors, so it listed under defunct.  Only current outdoor statues or objects are included as active.

Prince Albert - Rccket {picture taken April 2014} - added to Saskatchewan Big Three Cities.

Biggar - Spider Trucks {Picture taken July 2014} - picture of both are included since they are 0.7 km apart - added to Saskathcewan North

Coronach - Bull - {picture taken June 2015} - added to Saskatchewan South

Great Falls  - Hydro Electric Power Generator, McCreavy - Bear & Man {picture from July 2013} - added to Manitoba North

13 new objects added to Web page.  

There are now 1,178 on the this web page. 

Aug 8, 2016 more pictures

Posted on August 15, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Aug 8, 2016 

Brandon - White Buffalo {picture taken July 2011}  - added to Mantioba Cites. I forgot to add this picture.

Meleb - Moose . Minitonas (near) - Insukshuk {both taken in July 2013}- added to Manitoba North- also added an update picture of Ashern - Sharp Tail Grouse.

Prince Albert - Guitar {picture taken April  2014} - added to Saskatchewan Big 3

Meadow Lake - Moose {picture taken June 2014}, Melville - Farmer {picture taken August 2015} - added to Saskatchewan Cities

Grand Prairie - Bear [Sweet Grass}, St. Albert -  Legacy, Love & Learning {picture taken June 2014} - added to Alberta Cities

Edson - Ram {Yellow} - added to Alberta North

Vancovuer - Lord Stanley Statue, Whistler - Deer {Picture taken October 2015}

Also added a collage of the defunct - Leader - Golf Ball Picture #1 from by Jim Reid.  2nd picture was taken August 2012.

Melfort - Semi-Truck in the Sky, Regina - Polar Bear & Saskatoon - Wolf have been removed so they are now defunct.

The last bear statue added for now.

11 new pictures added total = 1.165

July 7, 2016

Posted on July 9, 2016 at 11:55 AM

July 7, 2016

13 new picture added

Whistler - Olypmic Rings (Taken Oct 2015)  Vancouver - Globe (Taken Oct 2015) - both added to British Columbia 

Jasper - Jewels the Bear (taken June 014) - added to Alberta North

Meville - Jesus Christ silhouettes. (taken Aug 2015 - added to Saskatchewan Cities

Lindlaw - Skidoo in the Sky (taken July 2013) - added to Saskatchewan North

Lancer (near) - Cactus (taken Aug 2012), Bladworth - Louis Riel Invatation & Cart & Bladworth - Corey Sarich Hockey Cards (Both from Nov 2015) - added to Saskatchewan South

Duck Lake - Cross, Duck Lake - Tee-Pee poles (from Dec 2015) - added to Saskatchewan North **-Noate -all objects from Hwy #11 Galleries can be found in Saskatchewan North & South Galleries as well_**

Prince Albert - Oil Pump Jack (taken April 2014) - added to Saskatchewan Big Three

Helca Provincial Park - Lighhouse. Swan River - Swan (both taken Jul 2013) - added to Manitoba North

Leduc - Plane (Silver Star) (taken June 2014) - added to Alberta Cities

3 defunct statues have also been added to the web page - Cabri - Polar Bear, Mantoka - Coal Cart - Thanks to Jim Reid (added to Saskatchewan south), and Swifft Current - Buffalo - Thinks to Peter Whittaker (added to Saskatchewan Ciies),, 

Airdire - Car in the Building is now listed as defunct since it it no longer up. I mistakenly included two pictures of the Grivin - So one was removed.

Athbasca - Tractor was removed since it is not on pole, and too other tractors are not included.  All Vechile except Giant trucks must be on a pole to be include in this web page

Edmonton -  Bud Light & Budweiser giant cans collage - Now includes both varitions of this object.  First picture taken August 2010, 2nd taken June 2014.  There are no more pictures of Edmonton to add at this time.  I hope to go back to Edmonton in next couple and take more objects picture in Edmonton.

1,154 Objects are on the Web Page

June 2016

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 12:45 PM

June 2016 10 new pictures added.

!. Vancouver - Shore to Shore {taken October 2015} - added to British Columbia

2. Devon - OIl Derrick !  {taken June 2014} - added to Alberta North 

     Also added a College of Devon - Basebal Helmet - front and side views. {taken June 2014}

3. Edmonton - PIoneer Women {taken June 2014} - added to Alberta Cities

4. Prince Albert - Flying Saucer & Train {taken April 2014} - added to Saskatchewan Big Three

5. Meville - Girls Doing a Handstand {taken May 2008} - added to Saskatchewan Cities

6. Craven - Bears {taken November 2015} - added to Saskatchwan South

7. Kindersley - Women Waving On Tracto {taken June 2010}  - added to Saskatchewan South                           {I had forgotten to added this picture)

8. Zenon Park - Water Tower {taken September 2015} - added to Saskatchewan Water Towers

9. Teulon - Castle Sign {taken July 2013} - added to Manitoba North

10. Creighton - Lilies {taken August 2014} - added to Saskatchewan North

I was in Creighton, SK & Flin Flon, SK-MB for about 2 hrs on August 7, 2014, while I staying at Deschumbault Lake Lions Camp.  I did not have enough time to look around.  So I am going back to Flin Flon and on to Thompson, AB June 18, 2016 for 4 days of driving.  I hope to see Candle Lake, & Narows Provinical Parks in Saskatchewan, and Grass River, Clearwater Lake, & Pisnew Provinical Parks in Manitoba.  I hope do to several hikes, and get several more Roadside Objects pictures.

Total 1,141 Roadside Objects are now on this Website

May 2016 Pictures

Posted on May 8, 2016 at 7:35 PM

New Pictures added May 2016

Added to British Colimiba 1. Britianna Beach - Mine Statue. 2. Horseshoe Bay - Anchor {Pictures taken September 2015}

Added to Alberta Cities - 3.. Camrose - Martin Luther staue.  4. Edmonton - Virigin Mother Added to Alberta Water Tower  5.  Edberg - Water Tower {Pictures taken June 2014} 

Added to Saskatchewan Cities 6. Meadow Lake - Black Bear - {Picture taken June 2014}

Added to Saskatchewan Cities 7. Meville - Mother Pioneer Statue {Picture taken Aug 2015}

Added to Saskatchewan South 8. Girvin - Lily {Picture taken November 2015}

Added to Saskatchewan Big Three 9. Prince Albert - Smiling Face Satelite {picture taken March 2013}

Added to Manitoba North 10. Ste. Rose du Lac - Ogogy Pogy (Red & Yellow ) - Head missing {Pictures taken July 2013}

Collage of Eddie Squirell with both statues included and added to Alberta North.

April 2016 Pictures

Posted on April 24, 2016 at 2:40 AM

New Pictures - Apirl 23, 2015

added to British Columbia - Chetwyn - Lumberjack Statue {from Aug 2010}, Golden - Space Ship {rom July 2008|

added to Alberta cities - Edmonton - Lunch Break {from June 2014}

added to Alberta North - Jasper - Lou's Bear {from June 2014)

added to Saskatchewan Cities - Melville - Totem Pole {from Aug 2015}

added to Saskatchewan Big Three - Prince Albert - Car on a Oil Barrel {from April 2014|

added to Saskatchewan South - Craik - Sea Monster, 8 Davidson - Large Coffee Pot #2 {from Nov 2015|

added to Manitoba North - Ste. Rose Du Lac - Ogoy Opogy Red {July 2013}.. Winnipeg Beach - Whispering Native

Saskatoon - Faces has been listed as defunct since it was removed  It  was only up for less then 3 years.  Also removed was Craven - Guitar now listed as defunct 

Collage added for Yorkton - Doors To Opportunity  {from July 2013}

New Pictures

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 10:00 PM

New Pictures added

Added to British Columbua - Chetwynd - Odin, British Columbia - Where is R2D (picture taken August 2010 - there are favorite of 100 plus wood carving in Chetwyn.)

Added to Alberta Cities - Edmonton - Ukrainian Memorial (picture taken June 2014)

Addded to Alberta North  - Grand Casche - Miners Memorals (picture taken June 2014)

Added to Alberta South - Columbia Icefield - Eagle

Added to Saskatchewan Big Three - Prince Albert - Plane Weathervan (picture taken March 2014)

Added to Saskatchewan Cities - Melville - Ball Players (picture taken August 2015)

Added to Saskatchewan South - Craik - Motorcycle Tower (near 17 km west of town) - It took 3 times to find this Roadside Object.. Finally found in March 2015  (picture from Nov 2015 added).  9 Grivin - Lily (picture taken Nov 2015)

Added to Manitoba Cities - Winnipeg - Plain Bear on Broadway (picture taken July 2013)

Collage of both Red and Rider Green - Sturgis - Water Tower added to Saskatchewan Water Towers.

1,100 picture added

Posted on February 4, 2016 at 6:05 PM

New Pictures February 3, 2016

1. Added to Britsh Columbia - Chetywnd - Mother & Child Whales, & 2. Fort St. John - Bear (from Aug 2010)

3. Added to Alberta Water Towers - Arrowwood - Water Tower (from June 2013)

4. Added to Alberta North - Drayton Valley - Plaine P-51 Mustang (from June 2014)

5. Added to Alberta Cities - Edmonton - Traders (June 2014)

6. Added to Saskatchewan Cities - Melville - Ski Doo (Aug 2015)

7. Added to Saskatchewan Big 3 - Saskatoon - Farley Mowat Statue (April 2015).                        

There are sill more statue pictures from Saskatoon.  I will take them in May or June, 2016.

8. Added to Saskatchewan South - Craven - Wagon in the Sky 9. Lusdem - Totem Pole (both from Dec 2015)

10. Added to Manitoba South - Swan Lake First Nations - Native Rider

Collage added Dewberry - Wagon (both locations) - left picture July 2004, right picture June 2015.

There 1,100 pictures on this webpage (not including Hwy 11 pictures)

New Photo Gallery

Posted on February 3, 2016 at 11:35 PM

Feb 3, 2, 2016

New Photo Gallery - Saskatchewan Big Three Cities

There are so many citiy pictures from Saskatchewan that 3 largest cities will be included in a seperate Photo Gallery - Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon.  Saskatoon - Farrell Mowett Statue added makes 48 pictures from Saskatoon alone. More will be added later this year animal statues from Berry Barn, and Chief White statue pictures still to be taken. There are 27 objects from Regina, and new statue was put up 2015 I have not seen yet.   Starting next month I will be adding 1 object from Prince Albert for next 7 months.

     Next Month is last picture from Winnipeg (I hope to be back in Winnipeg in next 2 or 3 years. There many more objects & statues I don't have)

   I have 5 bear statues left to added, & 8 pictures from Hwy 11, 7 objects from Prince Albert,  6 statues from Edmonton (still many more pictures to take), and 20 pictures from Meville (|I missed 6 objects. I will be taking them in July.).   One from each will be added each month.

Continued. Time for Bed

Hwy #11 updated

Posted on January 2, 2016 at 8:55 AM

Dates were added for some of the Roadside Objects along Hiwy #11.  Information was also edited. 

Roadside Attraction of Hwy #11 in Saskatchewan

Posted on January 2, 2016 at 12:45 AM

New Gallery - Janaury 1, 2016

The new gallery of Roadside Objects on Hwy #11 is up.  There are some typing mistake and more dates of when the objects were up in current locations will done tomorrow.  It almost 12:00 pm and I have work in morning. 10 roadside objects have not been added to regular Saskatchewan photo galleries.  8 of roadside objects were taken for first time on November 120 or November 28, 2015.  Two will added each month of the regular Saskatchewan photo galleries.